Washington snaps a four-game losing streak against Orlando, 131-116

The Washington Wizards (18-32) snap a four-game losing streak against the Orlando Magic last night in an impressive fashion, 131-116. While Washington almost gave up 21 point lead, key and role players did what was necessary to turn up the pressure and close out the 4th Quarter right to secure the win.  Wish this team…

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Washington defeats defending Champs, 127-124

One, two, three, four, FIF!  Yes, the Washington Wizards are on a 5 game winning streak after defeating the Lakers Monday night, 127-124. This marks their first 5 game winning streak since February 2018 and Washington has now won 8 of their last 13 games.  Woot Woot! BealBrook Bradley Beal brought Washington to the PromiseLand…

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You Want It, We Got It! Washington Defeats Boston, 104-91

How Bout Them Washington Wizards? For the past week or so the articles have covered losses, Washington’s inability to defend, take advantage of opponents mistakes, etc. Well, ladies and gentlemen, today’s article is going to be a little different.  The Washington Wizards (7-17) stun the Boston Celtics (13-13), 104-91 Sunday afternoon by dominating on the…

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D-Fence! D-Fence! Wizards fall to Raptors, 137-115

What do we want?! DEFENSE! When do we want it?! NOW! What else is new? Another game, another loss. Another contest that could have been won but the inability to close out quarters mix like oil and vinegar. On Wednesday night, Washington comes off a lack lustered win against the Chicago Bulls to face the…

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Losers R Us: Washington Wizards analysis

Mini Playoff Series vs Miami After a great and heartfelt comeback win against the Miami Heat on February 3rd, Washington fans felt as if the tides could be turning. Well, that faith did not last long after Washington gets absolutely blown out the next two games. Suffering astonishing losses against the Miami Heat (splitting the…

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