Washington Football: WSH Defeats 49ers/Chase Has Mamba Mentality

And another one gone And another one gone Washington handles business against the 49ers Sunday night to clinch the top spot in the NFC East and obtain their first 4-game winning streak in four years. Tides are turning for the Washington Football team and the fans could not be happier with the organization.  Over the…

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Shine Bright! Week 11 Analysis/Turkey Day Prediction

Week 11 Analysis First and foremost before this article is started, GeekedUp would like to send prayers to the number 1 pick in the recent draft Joe Burrow. Burrow suffered a Torn ACL injury and is expected to miss the entirety of his rookie season. Wish you the best Champ and can’t wait to see…

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Another One Bites the Dust

Week 10 Analysis Another week another disappointing loss. Washington’s first-half woes continue and their attempt to correct wrongs is met with failure once again. Interesting fact, Washington is the only team in the league that has still not scored on the opening drive. Whether that is a touchdown or field goal. Washington Football now has…

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Washington Football Team: Week 2 Analysis/Week 3 Prediction

Week 2 Quick Recap Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out the Desert? I was wrong I was wrong Yes, YOU were right.  I am off my high horse and have been brought back to reality. Being undefeated was all and well but of course, the nightmare is back for Washington fans. A nightmare that we…

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