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Out With the New…In With the New? Haskins Benched! Week 5 Prediction

The news is out! It’s been digested but there is still a feeling of despair and lost hope for a young QB’s career. While it is easy to say that it is unfair for the Washington Football Team to bench Haskins, it was also something that fans could have seen coming down the line. The…

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They Tied The Knot

In the Crisis on Infinite Earth’s crossover, the show finally made canon what many already suspected: it’s one big multi-verse. Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller’s Flash characters meet up in a short scene where they admire one another suit. It’s nothing too major but it’s nice to see the DCEU and the tv shows recognize…

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The Penguin is Sexy Now?

So Collin Farrell has been cast as the penguin in Matt Reeves upcoming 2021 Batman film. This is a far departure from the last major penguin that we’ve seen on the silver screen that being Danny DeVito in 1992’s Batman returns. As a reference Danny DeVito is about 4 foot 10, bald, fat and not…

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Who Watches The Watchmen?

It took me awhile to start this show, only because I was playing catch up with some manga. But, after I saw Regina King beating the shit out of some KKK members I sat my ass down and finished the whole season. A lot of people really want a season 2, but I don’t think…

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