Turkey Day Massacre: Washington vs Dallas Week 12 Analysis

Post Game Analysis Dallas take a seat, there is a new Sheriff in the NFC East by the name of the Washington Football Team. After the Turkey Day Massacre, Washington is now undefeated against Dallas and on their first two-game winning streak this season. We are number one in the NFC East with a 4-7…

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Shine Bright! Week 11 Analysis/Turkey Day Prediction

Week 11 Analysis First and foremost before this article is started, GeekedUp would like to send prayers to the number 1 pick in the recent draft Joe Burrow. Burrow suffered a Torn ACL injury and is expected to miss the entirety of his rookie season. Wish you the best Champ and can’t wait to see…

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Washington Football Team: Week Three Analysis & Week Four Predictions

Hello darkness, my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again There is an elephant in the room…and his name is Dwayne Haskins. Yes, in the previous articles…he has been highlighted but not praised. This article will not be the best for him. Washington losing is not the biggest disappointment. The biggest let down…

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