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Football is back! Chargers vs Washington recap! Season opener loss…bad loss. D-Fence?

LA Chargers vs WSH Football Team What’s up, Washington fans and readers! The 2021 NFL season is underway and we have another Washington Football Season ahead of us. Let’s get straight into it, shall we? Let’s get into the barn burning, sewer water leaking on the fans loss suffered this past Sunday. The Los Angeles…

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Euphoria! (Washington Week 13 Analysis)

Down goes Pittsburgh!  Down goes Pittsburgh!  After being punched in the mouth early, Washington makes the unthinkable happen and pulls the upset against the then undefeated (11-1) Steelers. Arguably the organization’s most impressive win in years. The Football Team is now on a three-game winning streak and tied for the top spot in the NFC…

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Washington Football: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Washington Football just “Can’t Get Right”. After an impressive win against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 7 and a bye week to follow, things seemed to have taken a turn.  Well…Bad News Bears! Washington finds a way to cough up another loss to the New York Giants, 23-20. Making Daniel Jones 4-0 against Washington and…

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Washington Football Team: Big Win…Now Playoff Contenders? Week 7 Analysis

After 5 straight losses, the Washington Football Team dismantles an already down Cowboys team. A stress-free win and there was never any doubt in Washington dropping the lead. Washington highlighted how awful this Cowboys team is and proved that while there are clouds of doubt around this team, a smile can still be put on…

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Washington Football Team: Week 2 Analysis/Week 3 Prediction

Week 2 Quick Recap Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out the Desert? I was wrong I was wrong Yes, YOU were right.  I am off my high horse and have been brought back to reality. Being undefeated was all and well but of course, the nightmare is back for Washington fans. A nightmare that we…

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