Lizzo the Fat Shamer, Cardi B, UTOPIA AOTY?, Drake vs Everybody, Barbie Review, AD vs Adam22

The boys are back with another episode! This week they discuss Lizzo lawsuit and being accused of being a fat shamer and more, Carbi B boo-bop's a fan with a mic, review Travis Scott's Utopia, Drake's beefs, review the new Barbie movie, AD vs Adam22, and much more!

00:00:01 Intro

00:03:01 Lizzo's Allegations of Abuse to her dancers

00:09:30 Do you have any Lizzo in your Serrato?

00:10:22 Cardi B Throws Water At a Concert Fan

00:15:01 Travis Scott's Utopia

00:25:43 Drake vs Pharrell and Pusha T

00:30:50 Kendrick and Baby King Explained

00:32:49 Drake Dissing BeyoncĂ© On “One Dance”

00:34:12 Barbie Review

00:39:04 PG-13 is too far?

00:41:12 The Importance of 'Barbie'

00:42:29 Will Ferrell in 2023

00:44:23 Adam Calling Out His Former Co-Hosts Such as AD

00:50:40 Soulja Boy's Net Worth

00:51:55 “Nasty Nasty Boy”

00:52:06 A Simple Path To Wealth

00:54:44 O'Shea Sibley Stabbed to Death

00:57:13 Another Utopia Album Review

01:01:41 ASAP Rocky vs Travis Scott And Their Style

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