Keith Lee Will Never Return to Atlanta Again, Marvel is Desperate, Spiderman 2 Review, Joe Budden vs Charlamagne

The fellas breakdown the Tik Toker Keith Lee and his “honest food reviews.” Later, they breakdown the future state of Marvel and Insomniac's Spider-Man 2. Lastly, they revisit Cesar Pena's latest confession of his real estate scam as well as Joe Budden's appearance on the Need to Know podcast.

00:00:00 Intro

00:02:25 Keith Lee In Atlanta

00:07:04 He Criticizes Good Service Like a Yelp Review

00:10:51 Keith Lee's Food Reviews

00:13:13 Marvel Considering Dr. Doom Instead of Johnathan Major's Kang

00:14:54 Marvel's Midlife Crisis

00:16:17 Marvel Considering Recasting The Villains

00:29:36 Spiderman 2 Has Just Dropped

00:34:19 Spiderman 2: Combat

00:35:46 The Spider Man Suits

00:45:14 Tom Venom on

00:46:07 Is Spider Man2 : Game of the Year?

00:49:36 Caesar Pena Takes The Fall For DJ Envy

00:56:06 DJ Envy Scams $100 Million From His Customers

00:58:58 Joe Budden on Charlemagne

01:04:57 Joe Budden on Charlemagne: It's Time for Him To

01:16:12 Joe Budden on Switching Ice and Rory

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