Bobbi Althoff vs Black Twitter, Castlevania vs Black Twitter, Rick and Morty change voice actors, Reboots aren’t necessary, Lil Wayne’s tape is trash?

This week we break down Bobbi Althoff and her relationship with the black community, Castlevania and its “black” vampires, Rick and Morty's new voice actors, Discuss whether or not reboots are necessary, and how trash Lil Wayne's new mixtape is

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:56 Bobbi's Using The Blacks To Get Clout

00:09:56 Castlevania Nocturne Review

00:10:25 Castlevania Nocturn Turns All The Vampires Black

00:12:06 Black Twitter rips Castlevania: Race Swap

00:18:15 Rick and Morty Had To Replace Voice Actors

00:26:34 The Office Reboot

00:31:11 The Icarly2 Reboot Cancelled

00:39:22 Lil WayneTape Review

00:43:09 Drake on His New Album

00:43:59 J. Cole on Lil Yachty's Song

00:51:50 “You Are Literally A Black and White Girl”

00:56:14 Under The Bridge

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