Somebody Help Ye

In this episode, we break down the recent Kanye drama, Lil Yachty's takeover, 50 Cent and his son, the recent Dahmer craze and much more.

Is the DaBaby Dusty?

In this episode, the fellas breakdown the vicious attack on Ime Udoka and how he was forced to cheat on Nia Long. Later, they breakdown the backlash Akademiks got for his comments on the rap pioneers and end it with an interesting scenario.

Mickey Frickey's

The five man pod returns on this episode and jump straight into the nonsense of the week.  Maroon 5's star and family man, Adam Levine has been viciously attacked by some hussie online, who claims he asked to name her child after her. Later, they break down Tory Lanez' vigorous efforts in disciplining August Alsina,...


The fellas break down the latest accusations for Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears, the backlash for fantasy reality characters turning black, and the recent death of PnB Rock. 


In this episode, we break down spit-gate between Harry Styles and Chris Pine, Bow Wow's $1000 VIP package, Vince Staples's new show, and give a tribute to the late and great Mac Miller.

Spice DID

In this episode, we break down Wingstop's new chicken sandwiches, DJ Khaled and JID's new albums, the new horror Pooh movie, and much more!

They Don't Love Us

In this episode, we break down Andrew Tate's cancellation, Freddie Gibbs and Benny the Butcher's beef, Migos' rumors, and much more.

So, We're A Music Pod Now?

The fellas explain why competition is important, the FBI raiding Donald Trump's house, Kid Cudi's response to Kanye West, and Mike Tyson's reaction to Hulu selling his life rights.

Bricked Up

The fellas break down Kim breaking Pete's heart, the Rock admitting his thirst for Meg The Stallion, the end of the Breakfast Club, and Irv Gotti being bitter about his favorite sneaky link, Ashanti.  Let us know your thoughts below!

6 Foot Club

The fellas discuss the tall privilege they have, the infamous baby daddy of McDonalds, as well as the recent killings in the Bodega and whether murder is innately in every person or if it can occur impulsively…. Let us know your thoughts below!

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