Joe Budden is Scared of Diddy, Pokimane's cookies, Mappa overworks animators

The fellas break down the recent backlash that Pokimane has received due to her cookies, which led to her calling her fans brokies. Later, they react to the lawsuit from Cassie against Diddy and how media outlets such as the Breakfast Club and the Joe Budden podcast. Lastly, they discuss the rough working conditions that...

Attack on Titan Anime Finale FIXES Manga Ending

The series finale of Attack on Titan has FINALLY arrived and crashed Crunchyroll servers. And to Manga readers' surprise, the ending delivered on every front. What were your thoughts on the series is this anime of the year to you?

The Halloween Episode

This week the boys break down everything Halloween and Horror related. Everything from the first horror that traumatized us, to our favorite horror games, who would survive in a horror movie, and much more!

Bobbi Althoff vs Black Twitter, Castlevania vs Black Twitter, Rick and Morty change voice actors, Reboots aren't necessary, Lil Wayne's tape is trash?

This week we break down Bobbi Althoff and her relationship with the black community, Castlevania and its “black” vampires, Rick and Morty's new voice actors, Discuss whether or not reboots are necessary, and how trash Lil Wayne's new mixtape is 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:56 Bobbi's Using The Blacks To Get Clout 00:09:56 Castlevania Nocturne Review 00:10:25...

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