This Podcast is Hosted by D and co-hosted by Roy, Spicer, and Merle. Just a few guys talking about anything that comes to mind. Check out some of their clips below. If you enjoy the content click here to check out some full episodes on apple podcast, also available on Spotify and Youtube            

Chris D’Elia is STILL a Method Actor

Exploring Ja Morant's Unconventional Display: Unraveling the Intriguing Story of his Weaponry Obsession. Then, Dive Deep into the Controversial Rolling Stone Article on Chris D'Elia. Plus, Get the Latest Scoop on the Thrilling Mortal Kombat 1 Trailer and the Phenomenon Surrounding Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Join Us for Engaging Discussions, Insider Insights, and Unfiltered...

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Chris Brown Strikes Again

The fellas break down the recent fight between Chris Brown and Usher at their concert as well as 50 cent announcing his Final Lap tour, shaking the industry and pushing the culture forward to new heights once again. Later, they break down the writer's strike and GQ's top 100 games.

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From Pod Wars to Star Wars

The Geeked Up Boys start heavy with the breaking news of Jackson Mahomes charge of sexual battery. Later, they give their thoughts on the recent back and forth of Joe Budden, Charlamagne, and Camron. Lastly, they give their first impressions on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as well as the future of Xbox with how badly...

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Interview with DeAngelo Xavier | The GeekedUp Podcast

Spicer sits down with G-Man Entertainment’s, DeAngelo Xavier and discusses everything from his start in rap, his home town Norfolk, his process of making music, his new project Gone Fishing, and much more! Make sure to leave a like, subscribe, and follow DeAngelo Xavier on his socials: Instagram: @_deangeloxavier Twitter:  @_DeAngeloXavier  Youtube:  @_DeAngeloXavier 

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My Auntie Was at Freaknik!

The boys are back with another pod, this week they break down the Freaknik '94 documentary, Nick Cannon's proposal to Taylor Swift, Ned Declassified complaining about Zoey 101's reboot, Super Mario Bro's movie review, and the extended universe, Demon Slayer season 3, and Hell's Paradise.

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It’s Not That Complex, Joe Budden is #1

The fellas break down Andrew Tate making a return home (37:11). The recent statements given by Dave Portnoy on Angel Reese (60:05) and their racial undertones as well. Later, they give their thoughts on Complex's Top 25 Hip Hop Media Power Ranking, and how Joe Budden reclaimed the #1 spot as a shifter of culture...

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