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Matt Rife Cancels Himself, Fantastic Four Race Swaps, TI Chokes Out Son

This week we break down Matt Rife and his cancellation, Pedro Pascal in Fantastic Four, Ti chokes out spoiled son King, and much more!

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Joe Budden is Scared of Diddy, Pokimane’s cookies, Mappa overworks animators

The fellas break down the recent backlash that Pokimane has received due to her cookies, which led to her calling her fans brokies. Later, they react to the lawsuit...

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Adam22 and Lena’s New Low, Draymond Chokes out Rudy Gobert, Lil Yatchy and the death of hip hop, GTA 6

The boys are back! This week they discuss everything from Adam22 and Lena's reality TV show, Draymond Green choking out Rudy Gobert, Lil Yatchy, and much more!

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Attack on Titan Anime Finale FIXES Manga Ending

The series finale of Attack on Titan has FINALLY arrived and crashed Crunchyroll servers. And to Manga readers' surprise, the ending delivered on every front. What were your thoughts...

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Keith Lee Will Never Return to Atlanta Again, Marvel is Desperate, Spiderman 2 Review, Joe Budden vs Charlamagne

The fellas breakdown the Tik Toker Keith Lee and his “honest food reviews.” Later, they breakdown the future state of Marvel and Insomniac's Spider-Man 2. Lastly, they revisit Cesar...

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The Halloween Episode

This week the boys break down everything Halloween and Horror related. Everything from the first horror that traumatized us, to our favorite horror games, who would survive in a...

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SSSniperWolf is a Doxxer, Dillon Danis Takes the L to Logan Paul, GHerbo Bullies Funny Marco

The fellas breakdown the controversy surrounding the lady refusing a BACKUP date from the Cheesecake Factory, the embarrassing performance from Dillon Danis versuz Logan Paul, G Herbo bullying Funny...

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Women Run Rap In 2023, Poland’s Kendrick Lamar, Joe Budden is Right About Bongos

The boys are back, this week They dive into the Poland Kendrick Lamar controversy, Gunna's rise, Joe Budden and Cardi B going at it over Bongos, the VMAs, women's...

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