Meet the Squad

D’Andre “D”

The host of “Nah but fr tho” & “Can You Speak Geek?” podcasts, Video editor, producer, and social media management

ODU grad, and the king of the nerds. I will let you know your favorite character is trash but also have a valid reason for whatever comes out of my mouth. If you say Bleach is the best anime in the world we definitely gotta throw hands.





Roy ” Just Roy”

Businesses management and fiance

Ya boy aka Roy. Known to give consistently amazing takes at the perfect moments. Also known as the first person to pronounce “manga” right in the DC area.







Abdul  “Duly”

Social media management, Co-host of Can You Speak Geek?” podcast, Merchandise creator

I kinda know what I’m talking about…




Christian “Spicer”

Co-producer of “The Tragic Number” podcast, sports article author

SpiceMan, Young Spice, or OzzySpice it does not matter, just do not call him late for dinner. This ODU Graduate is an aspiring writer and content creator with an interest in Washington Football, Wizards Basketball, and Boxing, and last but not least, horror. The top 3 bands are

Queen, Metallica, and Megadeth. 757 Stand Up!





Host of the Otaku Boyz Podcast

“The last Uchiha…….so let’s talk about it” #weeaboolifestyle


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