Washington Sweeps Season Series vs Utah, 125-121. Big Russ Calls”Game!”

Game Analysis

The Washington Wizards (20-33) defeat the Utah Jazz (40-14), the NBA’s current best record holder, for a second time of the season securing the season series, 125-121. With that being said, Washington managed to snap a Utah Jazz 24 game winning streak at home as well as secured their first win in Utah since March of 2015. 

Scottie Brooks made it known that Bradley Beal was on minutes restriction before the game but something in the game-plan changed during the course of the contest. Bradley Beal scored 34 points and dished out 5 assists on 14/31 shooting in 36 minutes. 

Beal’s Minutes “Restriction”

Where is the restriction?

Apparently, the decision was made by Bradley Beal to stay in the game. 

When asked Scott Brooks replies, “About four minutes into the game, he said, ‘I can play more. I can play more.’ … You could tell in our meeting this morning that he had a little more pep in his step.”

Beal has been dealing with a hip injury as well as nerve damage but as a leader, Beal is willing to put his body on the line for Washington’s success. 

“If I’m the one that said ‘I don’t want minutes,’ I think that should tell you how I felt,” Beal said. “Everything feels good, my body feels good. I felt good early on, I didn’t have any problems.”

If Beal is happy then we are happy!

Big Russ

Russell Westbrook had another spectacular performance in last night’s win. Big Russ scored another triple-double for the Washington franchise putting up 25 points, securing 14 rebounds and 14 assists in 38 minutes. 

Kendrick Perkins went on Twitter after the game to express his gratitude for Russell’s exceptional play so far this season.

“I refuse to let the world take Russell Westbrook GREATNESS for granted!!! This man has been balling this season and tonight he finished with a casual 25-14-14 and Huge W on the road against the Utah Jazz. Carry the hell on…”

Tell em, Big Perk!

Westbrook had one of the most memorable plays of the game with a clutch 17-foot two-point FG with 31.0 seconds left to give Washington a 6 point lead and ohh yeah, HE CALLED GAME!

“That’s game!”- Russell Westbrook

The end of the game was a little bit more interesting than that, to say the least. Utah made one last push and cut Washington’s 19 point lead to single digits in the final minutes. 

Bradley Beal misses two free throws with 19 seconds left and Donovan Mitchell goes coast to coast for the two-point FG and cuts the Washington lead to two with 12.3 seconds left. Beal redeems himself on the next possession icing two free throws that ultimately put Washington in the winning column. 


Utah came out of the gate swinging hitting shot for shot and Donovan Mitchell was on an absolute tear. The Jazz made 16 of 23 shots and scored on 11 straight possessions to edge out a 39-30 lead over Washington. Donovan scored 17 of his 42 points in the first, hitting 7 of his first 10 shots. 

Washington answered back in the second quarter with great offensive efficiency. Washington made 13 of their first 15 shots of the quarter and ended shooting 73% from the field. 

In last night’s win, the Wizards shot 52% from the field, 47% from beyond the arc, scored 20 points off of turnovers, and only turned the ball over 7 times. The Bench Mob provided over 50 points including double-digit scoring from Bertans, Gafford, and Robin Lopez. 

The Wizards are currently 3-1 since the trade when Daniel Gafford plays. When this trade happened, fans were very excited but we all hope that Gafford recovers from his injury last night. 

P.S. The Robin Lopez hook shot is UNSTOPPABLE!

Great win, Washington! Thanks for reading!

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