Month: March 2021

Washington Just “Can’t Get Right”, Knicks Defeat Wizards 106-102

Knicks vs Wizards Week Analysis The Washington Wizards just “Can’t get right, Boss”. The Wizards suffer another disappointing loss to the New York Knicks for their second time within the week. On Tuesday night, Washington didn’t even show up and allowed the Knicks to score 131 points. What makes this absolutely egregious is the fact…

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Wizards Win! Wizards Win! Washington Defeats Top Seeded Utah, 131-122

Post-Game Analysis Wizards win! Wizards win! Wizards win! Start with straight shots and then pop bottles! The Washington Wizards snap a 5-game losing skid against the top-seeded Western Conference Utah Jazz, 131-122. A win on Thursday night also ends a 9-game winning streak Utah has had against the Wizards.  “We had no choice but to…

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Sacramento squeaks by Washington, 121-119

Sacramento at Washington Last night Washington (14-25) fell to the Sacramento Kings (16-24), 121-119, in their second to last home stance marking them 1-7 in the last 8 games. Washington has now lost 5 in a row and is currently 7-14 at home.  Of course, Washington still finds a way to be Washington and play…

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Jonas Terrorizes Washington, Memphis defeats Washington 127-112

Post Game Analysis The Memphis Grizzlies pull the Washington Wizards card once again, calls their bluff, and defeats them for the second time within a two-week time frame. In Washington’s first game to start the second half of the season, they fall 127-112 to Memphis.  The Washington Wizards are just a bad matchup when it…

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Have a Nice Slip? See You Next Fall (Washington losses to Boston, 111-110)

Game Summary Tough break and an even worse loss. Washington had all the momentum to win this game but ultimately choked in the final two minutes. As you can say, Washington’s luck had finally caught up with them. The Wizards played great basketball in February by winning 9 games to match a franchise record but…

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