Speak It, Believe It, Receive It

Speak it, Believe it, Receive it

Speak it, Believe it, Receive it 

Speak it, Believe it, Receive it 

In the words of Deontay Wilder, Washington fans spoke success into existence, we believed it so therefore we received the glory. A win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night solidified Washington’s fans right to talk trash, earn a spot in the playoffs and call ourselves the 2020 NFC East Champions. 

NFC Beast Champs hehe

Washington has made this season even more special by sweeping the Eagles and Cowboys. How Bout Dem?!

As a Washington fan, the Giants were the only reasonable team who should have made it because they swept the Football Team this season 2-0. 

Hell must have froze over last night because Washington scored on their first drive of the game this season. The Football Team was the only team in the league who had still not scored on an opening drive all season. Their past opening drives were some of the quickest 3 down and outs imaginable. Why not break that streak when it matters most and with a touchdown?

Washington’s first drive was 8 minutes and 13 seconds for 15 plays, 86 yards, and a TD.

Washington opened up the game with a 10-0 lead before letting Philadelphia score 14 unanswered points. The offense hit a stalemate and got sloppy. A few weeks ago, we covered Washington’s inability to stop QB’s who have the ability to create on their feet and Philadelphia exposed that in Washington’s redone. 

Jalen Hurts scored two rushing TD’s. On the first TD, Hurts scrambled to the right for a 6-yard TD. On the next, Jalen Hurts scrambled to the left end for a 6-yard touchdown.

Philadelphia pulled out all the stops when they benched Jalen Hurts for Nate Sudfeld. WHO?! Hurts was pulled from the game after only completing 35 percent of his passes for 72 yards, 1 interception, and 2 rushing TD’s.

Giants fans were scratching their heads as to why Doug Pederson would replace Hurts for Sudfeld in a 3 point 4th quarter game. The fans were probably more in rage when the replacement threw a pick and fumbled on back-to-back possessions.  

Was Doug Pederson trying to throw the game? Who knows, don’t care! Carson Wentz was benched for Hurts’ last month and is still asking for a trade. Woof!

“This is why we don’t like the Eagles”- Eli Manning via Twitter 

“This is the most negative barrage of comments I have received about a game’s lack of integrity and that’s not even counting Giants-related bias. Consensus from those in the NFL and who have been associated with it: Disgrace. That is not the fault of the Washington Football Team”- Chris Mortensen 


The Washington Football Team will officially finish the 2020 season with the #2 ranked defense in the NFL, according to ESPN. The WFT only allowed 5 out of 14 third-down conversions. Philadelphia could only muster 216 yards of offense. Their offensive line allowed three sacks, threw two interceptions, and lost a fumble. 

Cam Curl recorded 3 tackles and an interception Sunday night. “Killa” Kam is the first Washington rookie since Carlos Rogers in 2005 to record consecutive interceptions. Curl will finish the 2020 season with 63 solo tackles, 2 sacks, 3 interceptions, and a TD. 

Chase “Predator” Young recorded a sack against PHI marking him at 7.5 total on the season. Young calls out Tom Brady ahead of the playoff matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on his way out of the stadium but yelling “I want Tom Brady”. 

Montez Sweat ends the season with 28 tackles, 9 sacks, 1 interception, and a TD. 

Will this be Ryan Kerrigan’s last season in a WFT uniform? The veteran requested a trade earlier in the season and fans hope both parties can come to a mutual agreement. If Sunday’s win was Kerrigan’s last regular-season game, his stat line for 10 seasons would be 156 games, 422 tackles, 95.5 sacks, 26 forced fumbles, 3 interceptions, and did not miss a game until his 9th year.


Alex Smith finished the win and in-game completing 22 out of 32 passes for 162 yards, two touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. This stat line is not something that stands out but once again Alex Smith puts us in the win column. The offense got very sloppy at times especially with the second interception but a win is a win. 

Smith is now 11-5 as a Washington Football starter and 5-1 this season. Those 5 wins are consecutive wins, let that sink in. His inability to move in the pocket when the defense rushes is daunting to watch but no one can argue with those numbers. 

What a moss by Logan Thomas to put Washington up 17-14 to end the half. Thomas ends the season with 72 receptions, 670 receiving, and 6 TD’s. With his potential, I hope Washington can resign him. 

Very nice to see Terry back in the end zone. In the second half of the season, Scary Terry was struggling with injuries and double coverages. Overall, this was a great season for the second-year star. He will finish the 2020 season with 87 receptions, 1,118 yards receiving, and 11 TD’s. 

Prayers were called and answered when Antonio Gibson was cleared to play the last two weeks. His absence on offense only added to Washington’s struggles. Gibby will finish the season with 1042 yards rushing and 11 TD’s. 

Congrats to WFT center Chase Roullier after signing a four-year extension with the squad. 


Washington will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on January 9th at 8:15 pm. Tom Brady is 0-3 against NFC East teams in the postseason and Washington’s last win in the postseason was against Tampa Bay. 

Sorry, it had to be said. 

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