Washington Football: WSH Defeats 49ers/Chase Has Mamba Mentality

And another one gone

And another one gone

Washington handles business against the 49ers Sunday night to clinch the top spot in the NFC East and obtain their first 4-game winning streak in four years. Tides are turning for the Washington Football team and the fans could not be happier with the organization. 

Over the past few weeks, Washington’s dedication and hard play has solidified themselves as a contender and no longer a laughing stock. At the beginning of the season, it seemed as if all the allegations and QB turmoil would overshadow any team success. Well, just like all good things come to an end…so must the bad. 

Defense wins championships, right?

Washington’s defensive line is one of the most efficient in the league and last night they proved why. The defense kept San Francisco below 30% when it came to 3rd down efficiency and provided constant pressure all game. Pure smash-mouth defense. 

Kamren Curl is developing into a defensive stud. In Week 14 against the 49ers, Curl recorded 7 tackles and returned an interception for a TD. Curl read 49ers QB, Nick Mullens like a book, and knew he was throwing to the flat. Curl stated that “I appreciated it” when Mullens threw him the ball. Over the last 4 games, Curl has recorded 24 tackles, one fumble recovery, and an interception returned for a touchdown. Very excited for his future and to see how he closes out the season. 

Again, if you considered Chase Young a bust, then you were sadly mistaking and shame on you. Chase Young put his stardom on the map and could easily be picked for the Pro Bowl or Defense Rookie of the Year. Young put on an absolute terror against the 49ers offense. 

Young finished the game with 6 tackles, a sack, 2 QB hits, a tackle for a loss, batted down two passes, forced a fumble, recovered a fumble, and scored his first career touchdown. The dude was just everywhere. Boogeyman on the field. This guy is so talented, on one of his sacks, he drops back into coverage and is still able to sack Mullens for a loss. Young is developing into a stud and it is unfortunate that Washington had to lose badly to get him but we are happy to not be playing against him. 

The recovered fumble for a touchdown was a special play. The play was not only special because of the dynamics but what makes the play special is that it is very similar to Sean Taylor’s recovered fumble for a TD back in 2005. Both stars are wearing all-white uniforms and have a plethora of teammates running with them. The resemblance is almost scary. RIP Sean Taylor, I know you are looking over this team from above. 

“We’re not done yet,” Young said, via ESPN. “I like to think, ‘What would Kobe [Bryant] do?’ He wouldn’t be smiling. He’d put his head down and keep working until he achieved what he wanted to achieve. … That’s the vibe of the team right now. We’re not satisfied.”

Chase is not scared to voice his opinions and stick up for his teammates. When his QB was hit late into the 4th Quarter, he responds on the sideline by shouting out the offender.

“Hey 51! You a B***h, A**” How can you not love this guy?


Thank goodness for this impressive defense because the offense was absolutely putrid and frustrating to watch. In fact,  the win last night marked their first road win without an offensive touchdown since October 25th, 1992. Washington defeated Minnesota 15 to 13.

Washington’s offense was under 100 yards for both Rushing (98) and Passing (95). SnoozeFest

The Alex Smith story is respected and inspiring but Washington needs to move on from the veteran. Prior to his halftime exit from injury, Smith was 8/19 for 57 yards and an interception. Alex left the game with a calf strain and did not return. The injury is not considered serious and will be evaluated later this week. 

After halftime, Washington Football starts Dwayne Haskins. There were euphoric feels met with nervousness. Euphoric because fans could see the progression of Dwayne over the last few weeks watching Alex. Nervous because the offense is already not playing well. Haskins first drive was by far the best offensive series of the game then after that his performance diminished with each drive. 

Haskins does look more comfortable in the pocket and can get the ball out faster but there is still one huge mistake. The young QB is still missing high. Haskins almost blew the lead built by the Washington defense with one play. Terry was open and Dwayne just blows the opportunity to give his team more breathing room. 

If Alex is not cleared to play then Ron has named Haskins the starting QB for next week’s game vs Seattle. 

All I want for Christmas is for the Washington Wizards to win a championship and for the Football Team to receive a Franchise QB. 

On the other hand, Scary Terry was held to only 2 catches for 24 yards but the young star broke the 1,000-yard receiving milestone. Congrats, Terry!

RiverBoat Ron

What Ron Rivera has done with this organization in this short span of time while going through his own struggles should make him a strong candidate for Coach of the Year. Yes, the record is not the best but the turnaround and progression obtained with the Washington Football Team has been tremendous. His actions at the beginning of the season were questioned but he promised that fans would see results in the second half of the season. Ron had a perfect December, currently has Washington Football at the top of the NFC East division, and riding high on a 4 game winning streak. Keep up the good work Coach!

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