Shine Bright! Week 11 Analysis/Turkey Day Prediction

Week 11 Analysis

First and foremost before this article is started, GeekedUp would like to send prayers to the number 1 pick in the recent draft Joe Burrow. Burrow suffered a Torn ACL injury and is expected to miss the entirety of his rookie season. Wish you the best Champ and can’t wait to see you next season. 

Burrow was performing very strong against this Washington Defense. Dissecting the coverages, making short precise passes, and getting all his receivers involved. Before his unexpected injury, Burrow completed 22 of his 34 passes for 203 yards and a touchdown. Again, we wish Joe Burrow a speedy recovery but I think we all know the play of the game. 

Once Burrow is out of surgery, he may file a report against Chase Young for Aggravated Assault. Well before the injury occurred, Young absolutely murdered the former Heisman trophy winner on a goal-line tackle. Burrow does not see any available options and decides to scramble for the TD. Chase Young who started on the left side of the Bengals defensive line, forced himself to the complete opposite side, hawked Burrow, and just decked him to force a fumble at their goal line. 

Sorry, not sorry, it had to be said. 

With that all said and done, Washington takes advantage and secures the win against the Cincinnati Bengals, 20-9. Washington Football is back in the NFC East race. Once Burrow departed from the game, Alex Smith and the defense was able to finally get the wheels rolling after a once again horrendous first half. 

Huge kudos goes out to the defense. This defense showed that they are worth the hype. In the second half, Washington sacked Bengals backup Ryan Finley 4 times. Things were not looking pretty for the 25-year-old out of North Carolina State. To be fair, none of us including himself expected him to take a snap. The Washington defensive wolves smelled blood and went for the kill providing excellent pressure and limiting receiver options. 

Ryan Kerrigan and Tim Settle had notable sacks. 

This week, the most impressive defensive player was Ronald Darby. Borrow threw bombs his way testing his coverage and he prevailed every time. His performance was truly special to watch. Troy Apke needed as much help as he could get and Darby was his savior. Darby was very close to picking off his first pass of the season and had a fumble recovery. In week 11, Darby had a game-high with four passes defended. 

The offense started off very sub-par again but Antonio Gibson was sure to make his name heard around the league. Gibson had 16 rushes for 94 yards and a touchdown. Gibson has the ability to cut, find holes in the defense, and hit that second gear for extra yardage. Gibson has over 200 yards receiving and 550 yards rushing this year. This week marks the 4th week in a row that he tallies a TD in the rushing column. Antonio Gibson ranks 3rd in broken tackles per attempt (7.9). That boy is good!

Throw the ball to Scary Terry and he’s going to shine like the star he is. McLaurin had 5 receptions for 84 yards. In the first quarter, caught a 42-yard bomber from Alex Smith. So far this year, Terry has 62 receptions for 871 yards. He is currently on pace to surpass his numbers from last year and break that 1000 yard milestone. 

Scary Terry has 120 receptions through 24 games making him a history leader in the Washington books. Also, McLaurin is the first Washington Football receiver with eleven 80-plus yard receiving games in his first 24 career games played. 

In the words of Marc Jackson, “Mama there goes that man”. 

Week 12 Analysis

This week, it’s Thanksgiving and of course, an epic showdown will take place between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Football Team. This game is a race for first place in the NFC East. Hard to imagine right?

What is even more mind-boggling is that the winner of the NFC East still has a chance to land a top 10 pick in the upcoming draft. 

Washington dismantled Dallas in Week 7 but yesterday Dallas showed that they are still competing for some success. A team that was once a laughing stock is starting to gain rhythm. 

Dallas is coming off an unexpected win against the Minnesota Vikings. Zeke finally got over 100 yards rushing and their receivers were unstoppable. CeeDee Lamb’s TD catch should be considered for catch of the year. Two problems that will be a test for Washington on Thursday. 

Washington’s inability to stop the run mixed with a somewhat shaky secondary can lead to disaster. Playoff hopes can slip right between our fingers. 

On the contrary, Washington’s defense should be feeling pretty pumped after destroying Ryan Finley and holding the Cowboys to only 3 points in week 7. 

Washington has a very solid chance of obtaining their first two-game winning streak and taking over the NFC East. In order to secure this success, Washington must solidify an early running game, protect Alex Smith, and contain Dallas offensive firepower. 

Final Score: 34-28, Washington

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