Washington Football: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Washington Football just “Can’t Get Right”. After an impressive win against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 7 and a bye week to follow, things seemed to have taken a turn. 

Well…Bad News Bears! Washington finds a way to cough up another loss to the New York Giants, 23-20. Making Daniel Jones 4-0 against Washington and 1-17 against the rest of the league. 

Along with that, we also learned that Washington had allowed 62 points off of turnovers prior to playing the Giants. This team is truly their worst enemy. 

The woes started with a fumble from Antonio Gibson. While a fumble is always bad, the turnout of the play was utterly bizarre. After Gibson fumbles, the ball literally bounces for about 20 yards along the sideline. About 5 players touched it but couldn’t get possession. The mind-blowing aspect of the whole play was that Logan Thomas dove onto the ball but had the popcorn fingers, giving NY great field position. 

From then on, Washington would commit 4 more turnovers throughout the game. One muffed punt return and 3 interceptions. 

The defense unfortunately could not catch a break. Due to Washington being Washington, the defense barely got a breather in the first quarter let alone the first half. 

The defense’s inability to stop the run was just putrid to watch. While Washington may have a top 5 passing defense, the running defense is very suspect.  

On Sunday, Washington allowed 166 yards on the ground. The freight train known by the name Alfred Morris was responsible for over 7 yards per carry against the Washington defense. Does that name ring a bell? It should, Alfred Morris never missed a game for the Washington Football Team from 2012-2015. Morris rushed for 4700 yards and was selected to two pro bowls during his time in the burgundy and gold. 

If things couldn’t get worse, Washington was playing Russian Roulette with QB’s. One bullet left and in the reserve, we could use Logan Thomas. Kyle Allen went down in the first quarter with a gruesome ankle injury. 

Allen has dodged a bullet. After diagnosis, what was seen as a potentially career-ending injury turned out to be a dislocated ankle and small fracture. 

The QB will be undergoing surgery in the upcoming weeks and will potentially miss the rest of the season leaving Alex Smith as the No. 1 QB. Dwayne Haskins has been confirmed as the number two option. Will we see Haskins back on the field in a Washington uniform sooner than later?

Alex Smith started the game off very rocky but started to get a lot more comfortable in the second half. Alex threw his first touchdown in two seasons and completed 75 percent of his passes for 325 yards. The veteran also threw three interceptions and two of those were very critical. Two back to back interceptions on drives where Washington could have won the game is unacceptable. Very hard to watch Smith literally throw the game away. 

As someone who thinks with a glass half full, all was not bad on Sunday. Washington’s WR’s had a great day. 

Washington had a solid lineup of receivers and of course, “Scary” Terry did his thing. McLaurin had another incredible stat line with 7 catches on seven targets for 115 yards and a touchdown. Terry pulled an impressive set of moves to make three defenders miss and took the ball home for a 68-yard touchdown. As a newly appointed Team Captain, he is definitely proving his worth on the field as well as in the locker room. 

Cam Sims, who was recently cleared to play had a spectacular game as well. Cam Sims had 3 catches for 110 yards. Sims could be seeing a lot more time on the field due to Wright’s fumble and outshining him on the offensive side of play. 

Playoff Picture

The Washington Football Team is now 2-6 but their hopes for winning the division still remains alive. The NFC East division is so bad and a team playing below par will make the playoffs whether you like it or not. Who will that team be? That answer is still up in the air. After Sunday’s loss, the glass that was half full is starting to get a little empty. 

Coach Ron Rivera still believes that his team has a shot. 

Ron Rivera: “We got a few more games going forward that we got to play and see exactly where we are as thing unfolds. … The division is still up for grabs and we’ll see what happens.”

We will see Ron…we will see. 

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