Washington Football Team: Big Win…Now Playoff Contenders? Week 7 Analysis

After 5 straight losses, the Washington Football Team dismantles an already down Cowboys team. A stress-free win and there was never any doubt in Washington dropping the lead. Washington highlighted how awful this Cowboys team is and proved that while there are clouds of doubt around this team, a smile can still be put on fans faces. 

Washington Football Team took care of business and rallied up for a great 25-3 win. This game was Washington’s best all-around game. With a very disappointing loss last week against the Giants, Washington must play above-average to prove the doubters and most fans wrong. In the Cowboys game, they did just that. Washington started the opening drive gaining 74 yards but came up short on a technicality called. 

Huge kudos to the defensive players of the Washington Football Team. They showed that they are worth the hype and the Dallas Cowboys offensive line needs work. Shortly after Washington failed to commit the 4th down, London Collins had a strip-sack and fumble on Andy Dalton. The ball was recovered in the end zone by Cowboys tight end Schultz, who was then tackled for a safety by Jonathan Allen. This was a huge play for Collins because the Washington fanbase was starting to turn the tide on him quickly. Left with the game with what is feared to be an Achilles injury. Washington’s luck, wish you a speedy recovery. 

The Washington Defense was responsible for only allowing 12 first downs and only of those were due to a penalty. Huge improvement from past weeks where it seemed as if Washington defense was their own worst enemy. Washington recorded six sacks against Dallas and Andy Dalton received 3 and so did DiNucci. The six sacks resulted in a total of 55 yards lost. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! The Cowboys offense was pretty much nonexistent with only one trip to the Red-zone which resulted in an interception thrown from Dalton. After yesterdays domination, the Washington Football Team has the No.11 spot in points allowed and 4th in yards allowed.

Hell must have froze over at 1 pm yesterday because Washington’s offense was entertaining to watch. Kyle Allen did what he needed to do but he wasn’t spectacular. The two stars of this offense are “Scary” Terry McLaurin and Antonino Gibson. 

Terry McLaurin had one of his best games of the season with 7 catches for 90 yards and one TD. Terry hooked up with Kyle Allen for a 52-yard reception. If you watch the tape, Trevon Diggs got absolutely smoked and just let Terry run past him. Terry has been a victim of the double coverage since the season started, Dallas played risky and paid the price for single coverage on McLaurin. 

In 7 games played this season, under 3 different QB’s, Terry has 43 receptions and 577 yards receiving. He’s had two games this year with over 100 yards receiving yards at 10 touches. His ability to get yardage after the catch is one of his best talents. He’s a nightmare on the coverage and has sticky fingers. If Washington can continue to get McLaurin the ball, he can easily surpass 1000 receiving yards in his second season. He was just shy by 81 yards of 1000 receiving yards last year. 

“I know I’m still a young guy,” McLaurin began. “But the way we came out this week, it was better than last week, I thought we deserved to win last week, the way we came out and practiced. That was complimentary football – from the offense, to the defense, to the special teams.”

The once wide receiver turned running back is making a name for himself and emerging as a threat to defenses around the league. Antonino Gibson had an amazing game against the Cowboys with a career-high 128 yards and 94 of those yards were in the first half alone. Gibson also broke for a 40 yard run on Washington’s first drive. His ability to catch and run is going to be very beneficial to this Washington offense. 

With all that said and done, Washington only scored 3 points in the second half which is very unacceptable. A win is a win, to say the least. 

Playoff Picture

Washington is now 2-5 with a win over Dallas and only a half-game behind the Eagles for first place in the division. If Washington would have lost, they would have remained a game ahead of the Jets. Being in the same conversation as the Jets is just embarrassing in itself. Washington is still in contention for a playoff spot. The garbage juice known as the  NFC East is still up for grabs. 

Washington will have a bye week for Halloween and face the Giants in Week 9. Ron will be looking to get revenge after a very disappointing loss to the Giants in Week 6, 20-19. Daniel Jones burning us for a 50-yard run that still gives me nightmares. Washington must get payback! This season has been disappointing but the improvement shown in Saturday’s win against the Cowboys had shed a little light on a team surrounded by turmoil. 


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