Lomachenko vs Lopez: Bad Blood

The wait is over! The wait is over! Boxing fans, we are in for a treat this weekend. We are just over 72 hours away from the biggest bout in 2020. The critically acclaimed Pound-for-Pound Ukrainian, Lomachenko, will face off against the exciting and showboating phenom Teofimo Lopez. For “hardcore” boxing fans, this is a must-see bout that must not disappoint. 

This bout will provide a settlement to bad blood built between both fighters over the months and crown a true champion of the lightweight division. To put it in laymen’s terms, there are so many reasons to love this fight outside of these two guys trying to knock each others heads off. 

The bad blood between the two fighters can date back to when Lopez first started fighting on Lomachenko’s undercards. Lopez’s father, who is also his trainer, had a huge distaste for all of Lomachenko’s praise displayed in advertisements around the hotel and decided to troll the champion by paying for a spray-painted image of his son and placing it in front of the main Lomachenko banner. In Lopez Sr eyes, he saw a way to get his son’s name into the spotlight even if his son did not necessarily agree with the methods. 

On a separate night, two nights before Lomachenko was due to fight in a headliner at the Theater of Madison Square Garden is where things went from a petty prank to insult meant to hurt feelings. According to sources at the press conference, Lomachenko was signing autographs, minding his own business and Teo took a nearby elevator up to his room. That is when Teo’s Father walked up to Loma and verbally assaulted him while in his personal space. The older Lopez called Lomachenko, a “midget” and made slashing gestures across his throat. 

Lopez’s father went along the lines of saying that his son (Teo) is the true definition of a champion and will take you out one way or another. While it was a conclusion that something at the Press Conference triggered him, it was later denied. Teo’s father felt disrespected earlier that day when Lomachenko apparently ignored him and walked away after he said hello. 

His take on the confrontation:

“I just turned and around and said, screw this guy.”

“I told him we were going to steal his show. Again.”

“And then, after that, we’re going to come and take your neck off.”

On the tale of the tape, yes, Vasiliy Lomachenko is smaller but that should not be taken lightly. Loma holds the WBA, WBC and WBO titles at 135 pounds and currently has a record of 14 wins, 1 loss with 10 KOs. While his professional record is great, Lomachenko is looked at as one of the best amateur fighters of all time. Let’s not forget that he is a two time Olympic Gold Medalist. 

For those who have seen this master at work, you know how explosive Lomachenko can be. He has a strong arsenal equipped with unmatched footwork, the ability to punch from awkward angles, and impeccable headwork. These skills are excelled in the ring to their highest degree and leave Loma untouched and the opponent scratching their head with frustration. At the end of the day this dude is that good, no questions asked. 

Lomachenko has never faced an opponent with this level of talent and danger in the ring.

Next we have, Teofimo Lopez (15 W-0L-12KO) the current IBF World Lightweight titleholder. To make a long story short, you either like him or you don’t. You can count on this kid for two things: to put on a show and make sure you know he won, while his opponent is face down on the canvas. Similar to Lomachenko, Lopez is very explosive as well. Lopez is fast and could deliver a fast left hook that will leave the opponent wondering if they even suited up. But with all the antics and showboating aside, Lopez possesses a true talent and showcases it whenever he is on the tv screen. 

Lopez has proven has name worthy with impressive wins over Commey, Nakatani, and Magdaleno. And is looking to add another name to the defeated list this upcoming Saturday. Every win shows that we have a future star on our hands and a win on Saturday will take Teo to the next level he desires. 

“He’s on the way out of the sport and 135 is just too big,” Lopez said DAZN’s The Ak & Barak Show.


As a fan of both fighters, this decision leaves me in a tough place. On one end, I know how experienced and polished Lomachenko is. On the other end, we have a young, up and coming star who is not scared to shine in the moment. 

In recent fights, I have been impressed with how Lomachenko can take a punch and continue to charge forward to test his opponent. Loma was knocked down for the first time against Linares in the 6th round. While it was a shock to us all, Loma took care of business and finished Linares in the 10th round. 

Most of Teo’s fights have been lopsided and to be honest, his chin hasn’t been tested by his opponents yet. His chin will be put to the test against Lomachenko. For this bout, I am going to go with experience and say Lomachenko wins by decision. Loma will be tested as well due to his age and Lopez’s quick reflexes and punches. Though Lopez’s chin will be tested, I do not see there being a knockout in this fight. 

Ultimately, this fight will be a true showdown. For Lopez, this seems a little more personal. For Loma, he rather not do too much talking and settle the bad blood in the ring. The winner is uncertain now but the crowing of the best 135-pound fighter in the world on Saturday night will be certain. 

Outcome: Lomachenko wins by Decision (12th)

Lomachenko Tape  Lopez
32 Age 23
5’6” / 168CM Height 5’8” / 173CM
65.4” / 166CM Reach 68.5” / 174CM
Southpaw (L) Stance Orthodox (R)

Lomachenko vs. Lopez fight card, odds

  • Vasiliy Lomachenko (c) -450 vs. Teofimo Lopez (c) +350, IBF, WBA, WBO lightweight championship

Lomachenko vs. Lopez info

  • Date: Saturday, Oct. 17
  • Location: MGM Grand — Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Start time: 10 p.m. ET
  • TV channel: ESPN

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