Out With the New…In With the New? Haskins Benched! Week 5 Prediction

The news is out! It’s been digested but there is still a feeling of despair and lost hope for a young QB’s career. While it is easy to say that it is unfair for the Washington Football Team to bench Haskins, it was also something that fans could have seen coming down the line. The shocker is that Haskins was benched this soon. 

No Quarterback has complete control of their destiny in the NFL when being drafted and unfortunately with Haskins, it has been a train-wreck. Similar cases can be compared to previous Washington Football Quarterbacks such as Robert Griffen III, Jason Campbell, and Patrick Ramsey just to name a few. 

Haskins joined an organization with a terrible coach (Gruden) and an even worse GM (Allen). In some cases, on the outside looking in, we are so quick to look at the performance rather than the environment the player is placed in and expected to grow. 

In the first game of Haskins career, he was essentially thrown into the fire. Haskins was thrown into a game where Washington was already down 14 points, the offense was struggling, and before the game had little to no team reps. Gruden was an absolute imbecile to put a rookie quarterback onto the field and expect a winnable outcome in a situation like that. If there were no practice reps with Haskins, how could you expect him to flourish?

With that all said and done, things are only getting worse for the young QB. Earlier this week, Ron Rivera decided to bench Haskins after 4 games into the 2020 season. This decision seems very harsh for a player who does not have a full year of playing time under his belt with just 11 starts and 13 appearances. This is a complete change in stance for Rivera who expressed not too long ago that he would stick with Haskins through the growth process. 

In four games this season, Haskins has a 1-3 record, 939 passing yards, 4 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions. Unfortunately, these stats rank Haskins last in Total QBR at 30.6, completed 61 percent of his passes (27th), and averaged 6.43 yards per pass attempt, ranking him 26th. 

Let’s look at another NFC East Quarterback by the name of Daniel Jones. Through four games, Danny “Dimes” is winless with 889 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions. It’s a head-scratcher when bums like this continuously stink up the joint and Washington benches Haskins days after he completed 32/45 passes for 314 yards, no touchdowns or interceptions. Which is a huge improvement from the week before where he threw 3 interceptions. 

If being benched wasn’t a blow to Haskins confidence, then being placed 3rd behind a quarterback who just suffered one of the most gruesome injuries in history and had to have 18 surgeries, will. 

Ron explained his decision by saying “We’re in a situation where if we’re still trying to teach one guy and the other 52 aren’t given an opportunity to see if we can win, then that’s not fair,” Rivera said. “If someone [in the division] was 4-0 or 3-1, OK. But there’s a chance to win the division. You have to look at it that way.”

“By no means have I given up on him,” Rivera said. “Like today, he was back there behind the quarterback watching the reps, looking downfield. Just being involved, staying connected, which is important. … I’ve told you guys the only reason I’m doing what I’m doing is because of the circumstances and the situation we’re in right now.”

Essentially what can be taken from Ron’s words is that Washington has a chance to win the division, make the playoffs, and at the end of the day compete for more success than in previous years. The fact of the matter also seems that maybe the Washington Football Team is not fully behind Haskins. 

Is it over for Haskins? Only time will tell but he should use this time to stay involved, continue to watch reps, and look towards the future. Haskins has blemishes in his game but he is only 23 years old and his attitude forward will play a big contribution to his success. 

Week 5 Prediction/Washington Football Team vs Los Angeles Rams

Truth is, Washington can make something happen during these next 4 few weeks. After the Rams game, Washington plays the winless New York Giants twice within 4 weeks, Dallas, Detroit, and Cincinnati. Who combined have a record of 3-8-1. 

With the benching of Haskins earlier this week, the Washington Football team will be starting the game off with Kyle Allen. Kyle Allen was brought over by Ron Rivera and won the first 4 games for Carolina Panthers last year. Winning Carolina the first 5 of their 6 games. Allen finished the 2019 season with 5 wins and 7 losses in 12 starts. He is the starter but lets’ be clear, HE IS NOT THE ANSWER. 

This Rams defense will be difficult to withstand because of current injuries on the roster. Chase Roullier (C) did not practice Friday due to a knee injury and most likely will not play this upcoming Sunday. That leaves Keith Ismael to deal with Aaron Donald and a very impressive defensive line. The Rams sacked Daniel Jones five times for a loss of 31 yards total. With the way this offensive line has been looking these last few weeks…..it could be a long game. 

The biggest news is that DE Chase Young has returned to practice participating in all activities. The no.2 pick has been out since Week 3 after suffering a groin injury vs the Browns.  The Terry McLaurin rumors are cleared as well, he is a go for Sunday. 

Washington is in the headlines again and of course, it’s not for something good. Benching Haskins is yet another questionable move by the Washington Football Team and will be heavily criticized after Sunday’s game vs the Rams. Ron Rivera…..sure hope you are right. 

Prediction score: 27-17, Rams

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