How The Tables Have Turned!

Like most of the gaming world, I buy all of my games online either on Amazon or on Stream, I can’t remember the last time I walked into a GameStop.  Which is crazy because back when I was a kid, it was the place to be. I remember trying to trade in my old PlayStation 2 with six games and a controller and them offering me $20 for everything, but oh how the tables have turned. According to sources the company had announced it would be closing as many as 200 stores last year after a series of terrible quarters and it looks like they are keeping their word. GameStop is currently looking for a buyer, but who is really looking to buy? We live in the digital age, home gaming killed the arcades and online pretty much killed the gaming store. I feel sorry for the people losing their jobs but not for the company itself if they are offering a CEO position with 100K in stocks I would buy it for $20.

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