Percy Jackson Coming To Disney+?

If you have ever read the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan then like me this is the most exciting news possible. When Disney bought 20th Century Fox and the rights to Percy Jackson switched over to the Mouse, fans got excited, but no news came out about a reboot. Until last month when Arthur Rick Riodan said the following in a tweet: ‘Thank you, guys, for getting this trending with no prompting. I have nothing to announce on this front yet, but I am in LA right now, trying hard to convince the powers-that-be that this needs to happen for you, the fans. Your enthusiasm online helps!” There hasn’t been any confirmed word yet but the plug says a Percy Jackson TV series is in the works for Disney + and that it would act as a complete reboot with season one being the first book “The Lighting Thief”. This is huge news and it’s even better than it’s a series on Disney +, after seeing the Mandalorian and how great the budget and writing was for that show, this has me hyped. With the author so actively involved we could see a great adaption of the book series (which is way better). Riordan has also written various other novels that expand the shared universe. So, if Disney plays its cards right, it could even get a few spinoffs. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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