The Big O!

Xbox or PlayStation, PC or Console? Two of the greatest questions that gamers can never come to an agreement on, but one company decided to say “why not have both.” Origin PC is selling a new hybrid gaming device called “The Big O” it basically crams a high end gaming PC inside the same case as either an Xbox One S or a PlayStation Pro. Now to me this just screams fire starter, keeping a PC cooled is hard enough but Origin has sworn up and down they have it all figured it out. They have a custom liquid cooling system that uses a single watercooler to take care of both the gaming PC and the console itself. Rigs start at $2,499 with a few customization options like upgrading the 1 TB hard drive to a solid state drive for some extra cash of course. Does this sound like something you guys would want? Let us know in the comments.

Check out this link for the full story.

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