The Times They Are A Changin

I’ve been a fan of Dragonball Z since I was six. I remember running home from the bus stop, throwing my bags in my room, and cutting off the rest of the world so that I wouldn’t miss the newest episode. It’s a show that had such a huge impact. It had everybody thinking that they could do a Kamehameha Wave. To me, that was the best show ever. I loved that it had people flying, kids like me fighting villains, and an underdog saving the day. As a kid, seeing people shoot energy blast out of their hands was the coolest thing and nothing could be better than that. As I’ve gotten older though, my taste in anime has evolved. I still love good fights and an underdog, but on the other hand, I like a good story and even better character development. DBZ suffers from the same rinse and repeat cycle of a new villain who’s stronger than Goku’s previous form beats up the Z fighters and embarrasses Vegeta and then is defeated by Goku with a new Super Sayian form. Even the fights are copied and pasted. Disappear, reappear. Sonic booms go off in the sky, someone saying “they’re moving so fast I can hardly keep up” and it ends with both fighters punching each other in the face.That was fine when we were in middle school, but I’m 27 now. I like a little more depth than that. This shouldn’t just be the Goku show anymore. There are a lot of characters in the DBZ roster and there is no reason why they should just be sitting on the sidelines or fighting no name characters and losing. In Dragonball Super, they tried to fix the problem with The Tournament of Power. Each character was given their own time to shine but it was still a letdown, to me anyway. In a new era where we have fights like Kakashi vs Obito, Esdeath vs Akame, and every character in FMA Brotherhood vs Father, does DBZ even stand a chance to get back on top? One could argue the first arc in HunterXHunter is better than the entire Cell saga.It sounds like I’m a hater, I know, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As I said earlier, I really love this show. So much in fact, I named my dog after one of the characters. I just want the show to grow up with its audience. Let me know what you think in the comments.  

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